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Statement from Team - 29/05/13

Dear fans, Media and GVU: Your No.1 streaming platform is back as M2K.TO!

We wanted to tell you what happend on Wednesday the 29/05/13. On this day, our servers were hacked and all data has been deleted! For this reason, the Server Admin had fear and shut down the servers and the domain without to give the backup to the team.

As the server admin was submerged, and we did not have the backup including domain, we had to completely rebuild the project including improved scripts. Currently, all servers are setting back to normal to provide u the best service. For security reasons we disabled the English area and XXX area!

We ask you, as long as we build our entire website, including forum and old domain to use only the domain! In addition, we advise you not to use similar pages with our design since there are viruses and spywares!

Thanks to all the fans for the best support. Without you we would not be MOVIE2K!

PS: Movie2k is the Best, f**ck the rest - Same Name,Domain,Design,Script & Host - What Else?!

Your team

German Statement